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The day I attempted suicide will remain a distinct memory.

I could never rid of the horrific scream that came from my mother. Or the way she fell next to me and was choking on her words. I was too dizzy to gather the ability to comfort her.

In my mind danced everything I love. Everything I’ve ever loved.

I saw people I’d been meaning to contact and places I so dearly wanted to visit.

I won’t ever live a day without reliving the moment I started heaving for breath because the bleach I had swallowed caused my throat to swell. In my mind, I thought

"This isn’t what I want"

I will never allow myself to make decisions when I am sad; mistakes will be made.

"How are you still alive?"

The words of so many doctors when what I had done had been explained.

I’ll use that sentence as a weapon against the part of me that is so self-destructive.

How am I still alive?

Because I am strong enough.

Because I have business to finish.

Because I have a life to live.

Because I am supposed to be.

I understand the seemingly perpetual tunnel of darkness. I’m still trying to find the way out, but I’ve got a few flashlights on me.

You too, are equipt. If no one’s told you that you matter, that you will be missed, that you are loved, I am telling you right now.

Don’t leave this world just yet.
Don’t leave, because you are this magnificent piece of art that every experience sculpts a little more detail into.

Do not leave this world unfinished.

Leave this world a grand, experienced, strong, intelligent, wise, loving masterpiece.

— The Day I Attempted Suicide  (via vacators)

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The Louisiana House yesterday voted to uphold an unconstitutional state ban on sodomy — essentially political jargon for gay sex — as part of its “crimes against nature” law. 

In Lawrence v. Texas in 2003, the Supreme Court ruled that sodomy bans are unconstitutional. But a handful of states, including Louisiana, refuse to change their anti-sodomy laws. While the statute technically can’t be used as a basis to arrest people, Louisiana deputies have reportedly made sodomy-related arrests recently, inciting a lawmaker to try to repeal it. 

Against all logic or reason, on Tuesday, the state House voted 66-27 to keep the anti-sodomy law in place. 

In a letter urging Louisiana lawmakers to reject the proposal, the influential Christian lobbying organization wrote, “Louisiana’s anti-sodomy statute is consistent with the values of Louisiana residents who consider this behavior to be dangerous, unhealthy, and immoral.”

In a hearing earlier this month, Bill Smith, a member of the Louisiana Family Forum, told committee members that anti-sodomy laws save the lives of gay people by decreasing their exposure to HIV.

"I have homosexuals in my family. I’m here out of love and concern for the health of these people," Smith said in April. “The fact is this opens up ways for them to really kill themselves.”

I want to scream and cry and throw things. 

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If today has been rough for you - for whatever reason, no matter what you’re going through, just know people care about you. I appreciate you, I adore you, and I know you’ve got huge things ahead of you in life.


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"In short, Autism Speaks is a very large part of the problem; they create a stigma that makes it far more difficult for actual autistic people like myself to be heard, to have our opinions matter, and to fall anywhere outside of the “autistic angel” and “screaming, violent, rocking in the corner autistic” stereotypes."

Text on a white background. “AUTISTIC IS AWESOME” is in large text, with awesome in rainbow colors. Below in smaller text is “April is autism acceptance month” with an Autistic Self Advocacy Network logo at the bottom right.


Text on a white background. “AUTISTIC IS AWESOME” is in large text, with awesome in rainbow colors. Below in smaller text is “April is autism acceptance month” with an Autistic Self Advocacy Network logo at the bottom right.

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Trinity Western University, a private Christian school in Canada, has officially been approved to open a law school program. The caveat? Gay students aren’t allowed. 

The Law Society of British Columbia voted last week to allow the new program, despite TWU’s policy that bans students and staff from engaging in same-sex relationships. Students will not be asked about their sexual orientation upon applying, but are “expected to abide by the community covenant.” 

Law Society president Jan Lindsay declined to comment on the reasoning behind Friday’s vote but said members struggled to find a balance between two sets of Charter Rights: students’ right to equality and the school’s right to religious freedom.

She assured the Law Society ultimately forces all students, regardless of where they graduated, to complete training and evaluation regarding discrimination.

“If anyone feels that he or she has experienced discrimination by a lawyer, he or she should make a complaint,” Lindsay said.

A choice quote from the Gay Star News article on the same topic: “Critics say the school’s policy discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation and question how the law school would educate students on discrimination and equality rights.” Ya don’t say. 

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Happy Easter from World Of Exotic Creatures :)


Happy Easter from World Of Exotic Creatures :)


*Tosses chocolate eggs in the air*


*Tosses chocolate eggs in the air*

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