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Sep 2

Toothless is done with your shit.


Toothless is done with your shit.

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If you’re pro choice and support eugenics, then you’re just as much trash as the worst pro-lifers. People say that it’s “the parents choice,” and yeah- I agree with that in any other situation- they’re too young, cant afford it, aren’t ready for children, it’s a child of…

I get this but at the same time I think the parents (specifically, the mother) has the right to choose whether to terminate if the child has a disability. It’s a really big commitment emotionally/physically/financially to raise a child with a disability, especially if its quite severe. At the end of the day it’s the mother’s choice if she’s ready and able to make that commitment, and you can’t really shame someone into having a child. As for the gendercide stuff, I do agree that’s bad, but I think a woman’s body and future should be her decision, even if I don’t agree with that decision.

If you aren’t prepared for a disabled child, then you aren’t prepared for a child at all.

If you can’t give a child full love and support, no matter how they may be, DO. NOT. HAVE. A. CHILD.

A mother shouldn’t be planning to have a child at ALL if she’s going to abort it for being disabled.

If you’re not financially well off for a disabled child, then you aren’t financially well off for an abled child. If you can’t love and support your disabled child, you can’t love and support your abled child.

Anything can happen to a child, both before and after birth. If you want to be a parent, you have to be able to support your child no matter what. Otherwise, you shouldn’t become a parent.

I just found a new blog last night, actually. @disabledprochoice


They’re anti-eugenics and pro-choice.

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so many parents of Autistic kids talk about how tragic it is that their kids won’t hug them or be affectionate but like

kids are not machines made to give you love and niceness

your kids are not responsible for making you feel loved and good about yourself. they are not supposed to be your parents they’re your kids 

While that’s true, it’s also nice to have affection from your kids, ya know? If their autism makes them sensitive to touch, it’s kind of sad that you can never hug your kid. It’s kind of sad that your kid will never say “I love you,” not because kids are supposed to be “happiness machines” or whatever, but because affection is nice. It’s sad to know your kid may never experience that part of life.

1) We’re not your fucking tragedies. It’s not sad that I don’t like affection. I just don’t hug people. This isn’t a hard thing to understand.

2) Parents will FORCE their children to hug them because of this mindset. This is abuse, because they will trigger meltdowns in their children. And then they’ll call it a tantrum, and scold their children for misbehaving.

3) Guess what? They’re still not required to hug you. Parents have no right to get upset because something makes their kid uncomfortable. It teaches the kid that who they are is wrong. Stop teaching children that their boundaries are for you to disrespect.

Children are not your fucking objects, here to give you joy and affection. If they give you affection, great, but it’s not required and not something to get upset over. 

Sep 2


[mental health professional voice] the Autisms aren’t like us, my friend. they are different and cannot be understood. their minds work in strange and terrible ways

Sep 2

i did it i wrote up my headcanons for spyro (which are kind of just explanations for his behavior and how he's autistic oopsie) and like !!!!!!!!!!! AUTISTIC DRAGONS




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my message to allistic allies is to do your research before donating to any autism-related charity. Find out what their purpose is. If there’s anything about a “cure,” that’s a hate group, not a charity.

Coming from an autistic, ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network) and AWN (Autistic Women’s Network) are some good ones that I recommend. 

Sep 2

If it isn't much trouble: Why do people associate the puzzle piece with autism? I don't understand the relationship between the two.




Allistics who support the puzzle piece tend to say that it represents the “mysteriousness” of autism and the “diversity of families who suffer from autism.”

Sadly, that does pretty much sum up what the original intention was, after a bit of research. It wasn’t too well-known at the time, and was seen as a “mysterious condition that affected the lives of families everywhere.”

It actually did need a bit more awareness, as no one really knew what it was exactly. Now however, autism has awareness. What we need is acceptance.

Anyways, the puzzle pieces were to represent how “puzzling” autism was, and the bright, infantilizing colors you’d see on children’s toys were to represent the “families and friends of those with autism.”

So, basically, it’s the worst symbol ever and makes little to no sense.

i don’t know much about the puzzle piece or how it relates but i’d like to emphasize the fact that it seems incredibly infantilizing to me

autistic people are not little kids and need their voices heard as much as anybody else; they are not children that cannot consent or even act like children wtf

Sep 2

Is autismspeaks scamming people for money or are they actually trying to cure autism/aspergers/pdd-nos like they're brain tumours?


Autism Speaks spends most of their budget on research.

However, this research does nothing to improve any autistic’s lives. This research is spent trying to figure out the cause of autism, how to prevent it, and how to cure it.

So yes, they are seriously trying to cure autism. As serious of an issue this is, I find it hilarious they think autism is curable.

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I’m not suffering from Autism I’m loving it

Sep 2
"You always have."

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